Modern Office Furniture that Works

Modern Office Furniture that Works

Comfortable Design in the Office – Sedus

Offices are an extension of the person or business and they need to reflect success. Modern office furniture has changed the way people work. They are designed to be more comfortable while encouraging a higher level of productivity. It is important to use quality furniture that is made to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

The Beginning

The history of Sedus dates back to 1871 when Albert Stoll I and his partner Max Klock began making chairs in Germany under the name Stoll & Klock. Mr. Stoll later became the sole owner in 1879 and continued to create chairs that were innovative for the time. As the business grew, so did their line of products. Today, the company is known around the world as Sedus and will always be proud of their humble beginnings.

Modern Office Furniture – Ergonomic Chairs

Chairs have long been a specialty item at Sedus, and their innovative ergonomic chairs are one of their best sellers. Ergonomics is a field of study that links comfort with functionality. Ergonomic chairs are designed to work in combination with the human body and mind. The main objective of a
n ergonomic chair is to help prevent strains or injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. Sitting for long periods of time is hard on the body. Sedus understands the problem and has taken steps to alleviate discomfort by offering chairs that are designed with the body in mind.

Design Concepts

The Sedus dorsokinetic mechanism is placed on certain chair models to give the user balance while keeping them mobile. This system relaxes the muscles in the back and neck. Proper backrest support is one of the reasons people shop for new chairs. Sedus has developed the technology that combines freedom of movement with stability. They know how important it is for a chair to be functional but it must also look great.

Aesthetic Appeal

Performance is a top priority for any business but looks really do matter. A first impression is an important one and is often the last thing that people remember. Sedus wants their chairs to look as good as they feel. Each chair is designed with a special aesthetic that sets them apart from the crowd. They are available in a variety of colours and styles to fit any office d├ęcor.

Wide Range Office Tables

Sedus offers a wide range of modern office furniture for businesses looking to step up their game. Their office tables are a sight to behold. There once was a time when office tables only came in rectangular or square shapes. Sedus has taken that concept and created tables with a contemporary flare that can be used anywhere. They have many different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles to choose from. Some of their tables are adjustable in height and have wheels so they can easily be moved from one location to another.

The offices of today are designated for work, but they do not have to be a place of torture. Sedus makes office furniture that provides comfort and increases productivity.

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