Metal Scaffolding for Events

Metal Scaffolding for Events

Need Scaffolding?

You might think that there are only a few types of businesses out there that would need to rent or purchase metal scaffolding. A construction site, for example, and maybe a concert hall or similar venue. However, this is not necessarily the case. Any time you are considering doing exterior work on your business it is worth your time to consider purchasing or renting some metal scaffolding. This provides safety for both your workers and the people passing below them.

The Solution

Mario Orlando & Figli is an expert in providing businesses with high quality, easy to assemble materials that can be used in building projects or event organizations. They specialize in manufacturing mobile and modular equipment for a variety of different situations. They build quality metal scaffolding, as well crowd barriers, stages, gazebos, and exhibition stands. If you find yourself with a building project, outdoor event or large convention then Mario Orlando & Figli can provide you with what you need to make your project successful.

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Benefits of using Meal scaffolding by Mario Orlando

They are veterans in their field, having been in operation since 1964. In addition to their experience there are a number of other benefits to working with this particular company over any others.

Fist of all, they produce all of their scaffolding themselves. There are no shady, low quality manufacturers, or third party vendors. If there is a problem then you know exactly where to go to get it solved. Mario Orlando & Figli manufacture all the materials themselves at their location in Catania, Italy and ship your order to you themselves. This ensures it arrives when you need it.

Their scaffolding products come in a wide variety. This includes stationary scaffolding towers or mobile models. All these items are designed to be modular and highly mobile. This means scaffolding can be adjusted to fit very specific height requirements. They can be set up, moved around, adjusted, and taken down with relative ease.

The company makes a point to design it’s products to be easy to assemble. They provide written instructions with your order to guide you step-by-step through the process of assembling your scaffolding.

Any work involving such equipment requires putting workers at dangerous heights. Thankfully, all Mario Orlando & Figli products are certified for safety and performance and come with a warranty to ensure authenticity.

Large events and sudden construction both require a great deal of planning and logistics. Mario Orlando & Figli does all the work to ensure you get safe, reliable, and easy to use metal scaffolding for your next big project.

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