Why study Food & Wine management in Italy?

Why study Food & Wine management in Italy?

Study in Italy: An Excellent Experience

Looking for a place to earn an education? Why not study in Italy? Not only does Europe boast some of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the world, but Italy offers an incredibly rich culture and heritage to enhance your study experience.

In fact, the University of Bologna is the oldest university in the Western world. Having educated students since 1088, its long reign of success is known around the world, and its Bologna Business School (BSS) has become a famous culinary epicenter.


Food Business School

Bologna Business School offers a wide variety of international masters programs and MBAs designed for young managers, recent graduates, professionals, and executives alike.

With flexible programs, BBS provides both full- and part-time options for completing MBAs and other Masters degree programs.

Also, Bologna Business School offers a unique food program through its business school. This opportunity enables students to study gastronomy and business practice in one of the cuisine capitals of the world: Italia.

An MBA in Italy

Pursing an advanced business degree anywhere will help better your chances for success, but an MBA in Italy will do even more. International studies place students in the more prestigious, well-seasoned categories of education and experience.

Specifically, a degree from Bologna Business School – the oldest university in the Western world – stands out on any resume.

FoodandBeverageMBAWine MBA

The food business program at the Bologna Business School does more than prepare students in gastronomy and business; it also offers an education in oenology. The food industry needs experts in cuisine and wines to lead the business, and Bologna Business School provides the perfect opportunity to train for just that.

At BBS, Masters students can study full-time for one year in Italy to master General Management coursework as well as specialized studies in food and wine.

Participants will learn directly under top-star chefs and well-versed professors, the courses being taught entirely in English.

Studying in Italy will open the door for an excellent and life-changing experience. Receiving an MBA, especially a Food & Wine MBA from the University of Bologna’s Bologna Business School, will keep those doors opening!

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